Monday, May 11, 2009


Bedtime at our house is usually David’s thing. I’ve gotten in snuggles and had valuable time with the kids during the day, and am running out of fuel 12 hours into the project. He hasn't gotten to see much of them and they love the extra time with him. It works.

Tonight David had been mowing and came in to take a shower around bedtime. Cole had just gotten out of the bath and was ready for his tuck-in. He was a little put out that David wasn’t ready for him.

“Will you lay with me?” he asks me.

“Honey, just go get in bed, Daddy will be there in just a little bit,” I respond without making eye contact. I’m already out of mommy-mode and have settled comfortably in Deleise’s-computer-time-mode.

His lack of response and sound of his little feet traipsing up the stairs snap me out of my screen trance. I tiptoe behind his trail and nestle myself next to him in his bed.

“Mommy, do you spell line L-I-N-E?” he asks me as I breathe in the smell of his freshly shampooed hair. “That’s right.” I confirm.

We stare out the window at the leaves blowing on the tree, his radio playing softly in the background. He tucks his body into a little ball and nuzzles against me letting out a content sigh. He feels tiny. His soft, damp curls touch my cheek. I can see his profile in the dim light and my heart flutters as I notice he looks just like he did when he was a baby. The sudden urgency of his fleeting smallness hits me like a train.

We snuggle in silence except for the occasional random thoughts he verbalizes.

The whole experience was uneventful, but somehow at the same time, completely profound.

And I can't believe I almost missed it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


I found out about Picnik from Anna Meadows and it is so much fun!

I took this picture with my phone of Riley and Cole playing in the yard today. Blech. Blah. Boring. Just a bad photo all around.
After a few minutes on Picnik, I made this!

Isn't that cool? Try it. It is really fun and easy!

Monday, May 4, 2009

I thought that if I started a post...

maybe something coherent would come out. But... not... happen.

So until I can form an intelligible sentence, I thought I'd just spill some pictures from our last week-and-a-half-ish onto your screen. Thank you for still checking my blog. Both of you. And God bless America. Amen.

Lets see...

We did school (hey, we did) at the lake one day with our friends.

We went to the Arts Festival where we spent our entire life savings on some amazing art called Strawberries Newport, Baklava, snow cones, and banana pudding.


The kids got to go to The Lion King with their grandparents.
Here is what Cole looked like for the first 42 seconds of the night. Apparently he has an aversion to looking totally off-the-hook-fo-shizzle-awesome, so the tie, along with my hopes and dreams, died.

They stayed up until midnight, then got up at 5:30 a.m. to work the Devon waterstop at the marathon. But look at the happiness. Sleep Shmeep.

Oh, and word has it that the back of Cole's head at the marathon is now on a Devon billboard on Broadway extension. How 'bout that?
Cole decided to do school in the rain. I know. But let's try to focus on how cute he is.

We spent an alarming amount of time doing this...

We went here...
And touched a real moon rock...

Tyler made this...

And my mom made this...
Oh, and I got a new app on my phone that does this.

Aaaaaaand that's about all I've got. Tune in next time for an exciting discussion possibly on the weather, the recession, or the swine flu. See ya then.