Friday, January 29, 2010

Can't leave home. Wouldn't wanna if we could.

Glory to God, my new boots arrived this week.

Throwing snowballs at me


Notice he is heading right for...
the pond.
Don't worry, I'm sure the water's not too cold.

Forty-eight hours ago they were playing in this boat in t-shirts and shorts.

Perfect warm-up

Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Doll House

Riley's doll house. It's been around since she was a preschooler.

I remember the Christmas she got it. Sweet little chubby hands gripping the fresh, unblemished plastic people and banging them in hopping motions all over the house.

She immediately named this one Garrett. And that's still his name today.
A lot has changed since those days.

That little family has been through more than a lifetime of events.

Celebrations, illnesses, holidays, and new babies.

There were seasons when we played out the same story over and over. Then we would move to another.

There were times when every single day was a birthday party.

We've made Christmas decorations and little clay food for the house.

There were times when I could hear David in Riley's room playing his role of "Crazy Granny." She was always on the roof.

There have been seasons when the house was closed up for a bit, and we didn't hear from the family. But they always beckon us back in.

Something about looking into a whole house and having complete control over everything in it. It's kind of comforting I guess.

It's cozy and cheerful in there.

And all the right things are happening. The things that make you feel peaceful. The things that make you sigh with contentment when they are happening in your own house.

The role playing has morphed into something different as she has grown older. It seems to be more contemplative now. We talk more about real-life stuff as we play. And there is a lot more care put into the interior design as we rearrange furniture and rooms and set up the stage of the family's life.

The little character voices are less frequent and often replaced with silence as we sit back and admire our scenes, deep in thought.

Sometimes maybe we're both imagining her future family. Her hopes and dreams.

Sometimes maybe we're just thinking of new ways to arrange the nursery.

Maybe when she's older and has her own family and home, she'll remember some of what we discussed as we reigned over this little family's world.

Maybe she'll just remember the warm feeling of being together.

I know I will.

And I will always cherish doll house time with my little girl.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

My word of the year

Over the past several years I have heard of people having a "word of the year." You know, one word you really need to focus on in your life. One that you keep reminding yourself of and working toward all year. I guess it always sounded a little too close to a resolution (aka: seed of failure) to me, so I never took the bait. But this year I feel different. This year I'm going to have a word.

My word?


I love the Bible. I love reading it and looking for verses and stories that pertain to my life and guide me. I want all of my answers to come from there. I know that it is the only sure thing that is 100 percent accurate and real and true. But here is the weird part.

I don't always believe it for ME.

I'm not talking about belief in God or his word. I'm talking about belief that his promises are for me.

I easily and confidently claim promises for my children and other loved ones, never once doubting.

I can point a friend to a verse about how God promises to rescue her, or how his grace is sufficient, or how He came so we could have freedom, and I believe with my whole heart that is true.

But I'm finding that maybe I don't always believe it to be true as much for myself. Sure, that promise is for you, but for me? Maybe it's that I sometimes lack faith. Maybe on some level I'm trying to protect myself from possible disappointment or head off potential failure. Whatever it is, my heart and actions just don't always show belief.

Sounds simple to believe something you already believe, huh? It should be. But sometimes my mind takes over and wants to doubt what the Bible says about me. I'm free? I'm holy? I'm victorious? I'm accepted? I'm cherished? I'm healed? I'm chosen? I'm secure? It says this and so much more about me. Deleise. And sometimes I have a hard time grasping that. So this year my focus is to believe.

Believe what has been promised.

Believe what I already know is true.

Believe God.

Do you have a word for 2010?