Saturday, February 26, 2011

Double digits for Riley!

Precious Riley.
I can' t believe I have had you in my life for 10 whole years. You are one of God's greatest gifts to me!

I love how funny you are.

I love how you are Garrett's personal cheerleader when he runs, running out to yell for him each time he passes our house.

I love how adventurous you are.

I love your heart for Jesus.

I love how you adore your daddy.

I love to watch you dance.

I love your concern for other people's feelings.

I love how much you love babies.

I love how sweet you are to your friends.

I love that you like to have coffee with me.

I love watching your beautiful heart mature.

I love that God let me have you as my daughter.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. I love you!