Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Happy birthday, David!

Today is my favorite person's birthday. David, you make my life so wonderful. Nothing is right till I share it with you. You bring me joy and comfort and fun. You make me feel protected and cherished. I love you more than can be expressed. I hope your day is great!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Cole is 14!

Cole, I love you so much. I love how you care about others' feelings. I love how passionate you are about whatever you are interested in at the time. I love how you are always thinking of new ideas and new businesses and that you do such a good job with the ones you start. I love that you always are looking for ways to have fun. I love how much you love God and your family and you make us all feel so special and supported. Thank you for being so great:) You are a blessing to everyone in this family! I love you, happy birthday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tyler's 18th birthday

I am so proud of you and I love who you are. It's a fun honor to be your mom. I feel so blessed that I have gotten to be by your side all these years and I can't wait for many more years of memories to come. I am so grateful to God for our relationship. You bring me a lot of laughter and joy and my life is much richer because of you! I love you so much. Happy birthday!

Thursday, April 14, 2016


It seems more like it was 21 months ago than 21 years. A day I will never forget. The day I became a mom and my whole world changed.  Since that very first night, you have brought so much joy into our lives. I so admire the man you have become. I love how well you love us. I love that I've gotten to witness you grow from a little guy with the sweetest heart, into the man of integrity and honor I saw potential for all those years ago. I'm honored to be your mom. Thank you for blessing me. I love you! Happy birthday!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Riley's 15th birthday

My beautiful girl. I love you so much and I am so blessed that I get to be your mom. You make my life fun! You keep me laughing with your faces and voices and fake drama. You make me feel loved with your kindness. I adore how you love kittens and children and your friends and your brothers. I love how you run and jump on Dad every day when he gets home from work. I love when you come into my room in the mornings. I love our girl traditions, like going to ballets. I love seeing your talent with dance and photography.You are such a gift to me and you are growing into an amazing woman of God. I'm so thankful I have a front row seat to the fun. I love you, happy birthday!