Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Feeling the pilgrims' pain

Yesterday the kids and I were reading some books about the pilgrims and having some discussion on what life was like for them. We mulled over how horrible it was for them to not be able to worship the way they wanted. How much being able to worship must have meant to them for them to be willing to endure all that they went through on that rough trip over to begin a whole new life from scratch. All because they wanted to serve God in the way that they chose, without hiding.

We moved on to talk about how hard they worked, building homes and planting crops. I mentioned that they only worked Monday through Saturday, never on Sunday. I said "What do you think they used their Sundays for now?"

And Riley, with complete sincerity and seriousness, said...

"Probably for sleeping in."

Ah, the rewards of teaching your own kids. They are never ending.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo

When we were at Disney World I mentioned that seeing Riley at Cinderella's breakfast reminded me of a scrapbook page I had done four years ago. I found it...

September 2004

Today was one of those Mommy moments that you dream of. One of those times when if you could have created the perfect moment yourself, it would have been far inferior to the actual experience. This was the day I gave you your first princess dress.

You have really been getting into princesses lately, so I thought you would like the dress, but I had no idea of the magic the dress would create.

When I showed you the dress you giggled uncontrollably with excitement, but when you put it on...that's when the magic happened. You were suddenly in your own little world.

Despite your just-out-of-bed scraggly hair and the fact that you had a nightgown on under your dress, in your mind (and mine) you were the most beautiful princess ever to exist.

I watched you forever as you twirled in circles and floated up and down the stairs gazing at your dress with the most elated look on your face. I watched you stare in the mirror with delight at your reflection.

I was the Fairy Godmother. I got to watch you turn into a princess and I will never forget it.

May you always feel so beautiful, sweet little princess.

Love, Mommy

Do something to remind yourself that you are a princess today.

Yes, you.

Oh, yes, you are.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


What are you running from?

Come on, we are all running from something. Maybe you are you running from a change you need to make. Maybe you are running from a relationship. Or from a challenge.

Raise your hand if you are running from God.

Hi. Me too.

A friend and I were discussing last week how we are both kind of running from Him instead of to Him and we don’t know why. It’s simply just a lack of being with Him like we should. No, I haven’t stopped enjoying church or spending time with Him, it’s just that the relationship is not where it could be, ya know?

For me there has been no big event or hard times, nothing dramatic, just a gradual drifting. Kind of like when you are in the lake on an inflatable raft and you shut your eyes for a few minutes. You look up and are amazed at the distance you have floated. It’s surprising because the whole time you were floating away, it kinda felt like you were staying in the same place. You get used to those waves and don’t realize where they are carrying you if you don‘t pay attention.

Other times you are on your raft and you peek out of one eye every few seconds. You realize you are drifting and you give yourself a little hand-paddle back in. The sooner you notice, the easier it is to get back to where you want to be.

Sometimes you can even get into a rhythm where you are just automatically waving your hand through the water, consistently keeping yourself in place.

It’s the same with our relationship with God. Sit idly for long, and you will get used to the waves of life and find yourself drifting away, even though you didn’t necessarily feel it happening. Catch it early and it’s easier to get back on track. Run to Him by staying in the Word and in intimate communication and you will find yourself in a rhythm that keeps you in place. Right where you want to be.

I’ve looked up and recognized the change in scenery and the need to paddle. Because make no mistake about it. If you aren’t running to Him, you are running from Him.

Even if you don’t mean to.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pumpkin patch pictures

These pictures need no words. Alright, that's not true, but I am feeling not an iota of writing creativity. Sorry. Here are some wordless pictures. We had fun. And there seemed to be an unusually large amount of hair flying around.

Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Further proof it's a Three-Ring-Circus over here

Too bad they can't ice skate.