Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Beach Vacation 2011

We just got home from our vacation in Destin Florida, on Okaloosa Island. The most amazing and beautiful beach and ocean I've ever seen! The sand was literally like sugar. Flawless and beautiful. And the water was a transparent turquoise that I couldn't quit staring at! None of these pictures have any color editing at all, but they still don't do it justice.

Our days were lazy and unplanned. We slept in, ate breakfast overlooking the ocean, then went down to the beach. We chose our next move whenever the mood struck! We're all kinda fans of the no-schedule thing!

We woke up every morning to this view from our balcony.
And Cole was usually right here in our room, watching the waves and waiting for everyone else to wake up!

A few times we watched dolphins play from our balcony. So fun.

Destin Commons, a fun shopping area.

Family photos

Beach volleyball

We all went parasailing. Now I know what it feels like to be a bird. Ahhhhh, so peaceful and amazing!

Riley and David going up
Me and Cole about 400 feet in the air

Garrett and Tyler getting dipped in the ocean
A dolphin swam right up to the boat

Beach fun

For some reason the only time I touch the volleyball is when I'm serving. It's hard to run in sand. That's what I'm going with.

Kayaking in front of our condo!

When Garrett and Tyler were out there was a dolphin swimming with them. They got about 10 feet away and were trying to keep up with it. It had its head out of the water talking! They also went over a group of stingrays.

Shopping on the bay
Our goal was to choose restaurants where we could eat outside by the water. So, lots of seafood. David got everyone but me to try raw oysters.

Playoffs! We wore a lot of Thunderwear and tried to catch most of the games. Tyler got the live band at this place to yell "Go Thunder!"More pics around the condo

In our bed watching coverage of either the Thunder or the Oklahoma tornados that were going on back home.
From our balcony. The sand looked like snow from a distance.
David, Riley and Cole on the balcony.

Go Karts!
Night time crab hunting
I think they're called "ghost crabs."
On the way home we stayed at a Marriot resort on the shore of Alabama. It had all kinds of activities and was so beautiful. Like a huge southern plantation.

So thankful for this time away with my very favorite people making memories that we will always cherish!